You’re watching your favourite series while you’re on the tube and that continues as you transfer your media from phone to television. The trouble is, you get notified by an email on your phone. Some documents are missing and it’s on your company laptop, which you brought home.

Relaxation gone, as you might say.

It’s simple to say that you could just turn off your phone or subscribe to a new account when you have a new smartphone. But there are other areas that you will need to address to completely do away with work to relax.

What Will You Do With Your Free Time?

Were you going to play your latest RPG in your PS4? Would you train that latest Kung-Fu move you’ve read about and seen as a demonstration in YouTube?

To relax completely, spend time doing intelligent and creative work during the day of your free time. At night, hang out and relax. You could also do focused things, like create a song or write. Anything with motivation is worth your time.

Turn Off All Alerts

That advice on a new account just for fun on a new phone is sure tempting.

But there’s always silent mode and an alarm to check your updates using your laptop (which has its alert turned off).

And Throw Out That Phone

Not really throw. You could just keep it in a lockbox or time-delay safe if you’re quite the person with money and it will only be opened when you truly need it.

Will the latest trend in relaxation work for you?

The Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response or ASMR for short, is becoming a huge trend because people claim they’ve felt it from ‘whispering women’ all over the Internet.

YouTube Star Maria has gained lots of followers claiming that she is capable of inducing ASMR ‘Brain Orgasms’.

ASMR is not a valid term. It is rather only a feeling that a part of the Earth’s population could feel. Some of them could feel some chills as the sounds trigger a relaxing sensation from the top of the head down to the spine.

However, there’s really nothing sexual about it.

The most popular non-female ASMR trigger could possibly be Bob Ross.

In his show painting trees and other areas, Ross’ voice and relaxing dialogue had led many to feel a snese of calm and cool.

Linda Craighead, PhD, a psychologist at Emory University, tells Yahoo Health that while there is “no scientific basis for this particular technique,” it’s possible that “what people are experiencing is akin to the phenomena associated with hypnosis and the relaxation response — so it may well help some people, particularly those who are more suggestible to hypnotic inductions.”

“There are lots of ways to trigger pleasurable feelings,” Art Markman, PhD, a psychologist at the University of Texas, tells Yahoo Health, “For example, the release of the hormone oxytocin is known to create feelings of trust and closeness with others. … Whatever the physiological basis of ASMR, it probably operates in the same way — that is, mechanisms that cause pleasant feelings are associated (for some people) with the soft sounds and soothing voices.”

Relaxation doesn’t only bring stress relief. It allows your mind to unwind and re-reach its full potential once again.

But did you know your mind is a tool to reach a new consciousness. It allows you to do things you never thought possible. Did you know you could access dimensions using your mind? With relaxation comes another form of alertness.

You Are An Immortal

As science and research would suggest, multiverses do exist. While there’s no evidence, your mind can serve its purpose because you’re once an immortal being lost in the world of isolation and is looking for itself.

Calmness Flows You

If your mind is calm and peaceful, if you have no envy or sorrow, if you have no regrets, then you could have yourself carried to different worlds.

Most of these worlds are ones that you couldn’t imagine.

However, you must take care which worlds to travel to because the awakened consciousness is dangerous. It can destroy your dreams of spiritual growth in a moment.

Happiness Outside of Yourself is Momentary   

Make it a point to study yourself and always have time to relax yourself. Happiness can never be found in your appetite, your money or anything outside yourself.

It may be embarrassing to say it, but plenty of the UK’s finest athletes and defenders of the front had stopped chasing their passion because of one small thing.

Knee pain or osteoarthritis is a simple little problem. Cartilages in the joints wear out, leaving elder and middle-aged individuals a painful consequence should they decide to chase their physically-taxing passions and once-jobs.

However, autologous therapy might just change that.

Autologous therapy uses components inside the patient’s own blood to eliminate arthritis pain. The blood is re-cycled into the circulatory system. The blood is placed in a centrifuge where it could isolate certain beneficial requirements. Most of the time, these are concentrated and injected straight back into a knee or other painful joint.

One example of autologous therapy is platelet-rich therapy. It isolates the platelets from the blood. This hastens healing and improving the functionality of the cartilages.

Several experts have begun isolating several blood elements in the body. From Florida, Orthopaedic Doctor Guy Scuderi had isolated a blood factor called Alpha-2-macroglobulin or A2M. According to a research in Brown University, the blood factor deactivates the degenerative enzymes in an arthritic joint.

However, the treatments can prove costly. About $10,000 (£ 7083.91) is the price to pay per treatment.

Feeling sick? Maybe you’re just feeling it. But if you do feel sick, there’s a natural way to avert it. The state of mind is both the tool and obstacle to improve one’s health. With research backing music as a crucial tool that improves learning, cognition and reduces the likelihood of Alzheimer’s and epilepsy, music moves to helping terminally ill patients or patients receiving pain reduction sessions for their terminal illnesses.

Examining 84 patients in palliative care, one group was given music therapy. Another group had verbal relaxation exercises.

Listening for two hours of live music from a wooden instrument called a monochord, patients from the first group had better levels of relaxation compared to the group who received verbal relaxation exercises.

According to researchers, they found a significant increase in high-frequency variations in heart rates. The body also exhibits better blood flow due to increased cardiovascular activity.

Relaxation is an important part of pain relief as it soothes the physical and mental duress illnesses pound over the body. Music is a factor as it can sway the body to different moods. Happy-sounding music, for one, can introduce feelings of joy or success. Depressing music can enhance intelligence and sharpness while also injecting feelings of sadness and depression.

Tried Spotify free? Loved the songs you’re hearing? Sick of shuffle? Sick of advertisements killing your vibe?

No, this blog post isn’t an advert for Spotify on my blog. I just want to highlight how great playlists on this service are when it comes to finding the right mood for yourself.

I myself have been an avid fan of Spotify especially when I’m looking for the perfect playlist for my ever changing mood.

When I’m working out, there’s that Running High Tempo 140BPM playlist that keeps me in pace.

For weightlifting and pumping that Iron, having some rock and even metal genres help amp up the mood.

While working in my desk, I listen to Electronic Study Music on Spotify, which helps me focus.

Here’s Mashable with some of the best playlists to work with, or to relax to!

Virtually any mood! Try it!

We’re pretty sure you’re reading this from your office desk right now and we’re pretty sure you’re wanting someone to massage your neck or your back at least just for 5 minutes. Fortunately, these office relaxation ideas only need you and a few minutes of your time to help you to relax!

  1. Breathing Reminders

We know it’s silly, but some of us forget to breathe when we’re at work or when we’re working. People who especially love their job are usually the ones who forget to breathe. Set up your alarm to go off within every hour to remember to breathe!

  1. Do Something Extreme During Showertime!

You know, it’s not silly when you want to do something fun before, during or after showertime. Sing a song in the shower, play your stereo out loud and start your day in a positive mood. Also, singing helps reduce your daily stress!

  1. Technology Down

We know you’re inseperable from your smartphone, but you’ll be attached to your desktop at work for the duration of the day. Make sure that your notifications are silenced. Close your email program when you’re not checking it. Don’t use social media when taking breaks. Get out of your office and take a 10 minute break. Trust us, it does wonders!