Tried Spotify free? Loved the songs you’re hearing? Sick of shuffle? Sick of advertisements killing your vibe?

No, this blog post isn’t an advert for Spotify on my blog. I just want to highlight how great playlists on this service are when it comes to finding the right mood for yourself.

I myself have been an avid fan of Spotify especially when I’m looking for the perfect playlist for my ever changing mood.

When I’m working out, there’s that Running High Tempo 140BPM playlist that keeps me in pace.

For weightlifting and pumping that Iron, having some rock and even metal genres help amp up the mood.

While working in my desk, I listen to Electronic Study Music on Spotify, which helps me focus.

Here’s Mashable with some of the best playlists to work with, or to relax to!

Virtually any mood! Try it!

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