We’re pretty sure you’re reading this from your office desk right now and we’re pretty sure you’re wanting someone to massage your neck or your back at least just for 5 minutes. Fortunately, these office relaxation ideas only need you and a few minutes of your time to help you to relax!

  1. Breathing Reminders

We know it’s silly, but some of us forget to breathe when we’re at work or when we’re working. People who especially love their job are usually the ones who forget to breathe. Set up your alarm to go off within every hour to remember to breathe!

  1. Do Something Extreme During Showertime!

You know, it’s not silly when you want to do something fun before, during or after showertime. Sing a song in the shower, play your stereo out loud and start your day in a positive mood. Also, singing helps reduce your daily stress!

  1. Technology Down

We know you’re inseperable from your smartphone, but you’ll be attached to your desktop at work for the duration of the day. Make sure that your notifications are silenced. Close your email program when you’re not checking it. Don’t use social media when taking breaks. Get out of your office and take a 10 minute break. Trust us, it does wonders!

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