It may be embarrassing to say it, but plenty of the UK’s finest athletes and defenders of the front had stopped chasing their passion because of one small thing.

Knee pain or osteoarthritis is a simple little problem. Cartilages in the joints wear out, leaving elder and middle-aged individuals a painful consequence should they decide to chase their physically-taxing passions and once-jobs.

However, autologous therapy might just change that.

Autologous therapy uses components inside the patient’s own blood to eliminate arthritis pain. The blood is re-cycled into the circulatory system. The blood is placed in a centrifuge where it could isolate certain beneficial requirements. Most of the time, these are concentrated and injected straight back into a knee or other painful joint.

One example of autologous therapy is platelet-rich therapy. It isolates the platelets from the blood. This hastens healing and improving the functionality of the cartilages.

Several experts have begun isolating several blood elements in the body. From Florida, Orthopaedic Doctor Guy Scuderi had isolated a blood factor called Alpha-2-macroglobulin or A2M. According to a research in Brown University, the blood factor deactivates the degenerative enzymes in an arthritic joint.

However, the treatments can prove costly. About $10,000 (£ 7083.91) is the price to pay per treatment.

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