You’re watching your favourite series while you’re on the tube and that continues as you transfer your media from phone to television. The trouble is, you get notified by an email on your phone. Some documents are missing and it’s on your company laptop, which you brought home.

Relaxation gone, as you might say.

It’s simple to say that you could just turn off your phone or subscribe to a new account when you have a new smartphone. But there are other areas that you will need to address to completely do away with work to relax.

What Will You Do With Your Free Time?

Were you going to play your latest RPG in your PS4? Would you train that latest Kung-Fu move you’ve read about and seen as a demonstration in YouTube?

To relax completely, spend time doing intelligent and creative work during the day of your free time. At night, hang out and relax. You could also do focused things, like create a song or write. Anything with motivation is worth your time.

Turn Off All Alerts

That advice on a new account just for fun on a new phone is sure tempting.

But there’s always silent mode and an alarm to check your updates using your laptop (which has its alert turned off).

And Throw Out That Phone

Not really throw. You could just keep it in a lockbox or time-delay safe if you’re quite the person with money and it will only be opened when you truly need it.