Relaxation doesn’t only bring stress relief. It allows your mind to unwind and re-reach its full potential once again.

But did you know your mind is a tool to reach a new consciousness. It allows you to do things you never thought possible. Did you know you could access dimensions using your mind? With relaxation comes another form of alertness.

You Are An Immortal

As science and research would suggest, multiverses do exist. While there’s no evidence, your mind can serve its purpose because you’re once an immortal being lost in the world of isolation and is looking for itself.

Calmness Flows You

If your mind is calm and peaceful, if you have no envy or sorrow, if you have no regrets, then you could have yourself carried to different worlds.

Most of these worlds are ones that you couldn’t imagine.

However, you must take care which worlds to travel to because the awakened consciousness is dangerous. It can destroy your dreams of spiritual growth in a moment.

Happiness Outside of Yourself is Momentary   

Make it a point to study yourself and always have time to relax yourself. Happiness can never be found in your appetite, your money or anything outside yourself.