Feeling sick? Maybe you’re just feeling it. But if you do feel sick, there’s a natural way to avert it. The state of mind is both the tool and obstacle to improve one’s health. With research backing music as a crucial tool that improves learning, cognition and reduces the likelihood of Alzheimer’s and epilepsy, music moves to helping terminally ill patients or patients receiving pain reduction sessions for their terminal illnesses.

Examining 84 patients in palliative care, one group was given music therapy. Another group had verbal relaxation exercises.

Listening for two hours of live music from a wooden instrument called a monochord, patients from the first group had better levels of relaxation compared to the group who received verbal relaxation exercises.

According to researchers, they found a significant increase in high-frequency variations in heart rates. The body also exhibits better blood flow due to increased cardiovascular activity.

Relaxation is an important part of pain relief as it soothes the physical and mental duress illnesses pound over the body. Music is a factor as it can sway the body to different moods. Happy-sounding music, for one, can introduce feelings of joy or success. Depressing music can enhance intelligence and sharpness while also injecting feelings of sadness and depression.