An overwhelming problem is caused by a bird’s-eye-view in a bigger scheme that makes you feel insignificant. Meanwhile, tearing calmly, slowly but surely against the sub-problems resolves the problem quicker and better. Here are three effective ways to see your worth against a big problem in your company or even in your own life.

  1. You are Part of a System

Regardless what radical people would say, systems will always exist and you are a part of it. The ripples you make against the water might be minimal, but they have an effect. If you motivate yourself that the small things you do have an effect, then you could up your self-motivation.

  1. Create

Human beings find value in their lives if they take part in building something that materialises. Productivity is not based on result, but the things you’ve created. The value of things you create depends on whether you see your effort and creativity as something you are proud of for yourself, or it is based on the achievements of others. Detaching the value of your results from the criticism of other people makes you appreciate it, and your own worth as a creative.

  1. It takes Time

Battling away a small problem might seem insignificant, but all things take time to resolve. Should you have the patience to resolve the smaller problems first, you are actually taking parts of the bigger problem away. It takes time and patience to resolve situations and problems, and it is important to preserver and diligently work on the solutions you have on the ground level.