Food for the health is often the contradiction of the food for the soul. The human body needs sustenance that only comes from clean food taken in safe amounts. Meanwhile, the human soul feeds on the imbalances in the human body, which helps retain its mental health and grasp of the world. This is just one reason why a human should have vices in moderation.

1. Non-Routine
If you are a construction or manual lifting employee, maintaining good physical health is imperative. Meanwhile, a job that is nerve-wracking and does not require physicality can take its toll on your mental health. Maintaining a good mental health requires some vices taken in moderation. Smoking, for instance, is truthfully bad for the lungs, but it gives a placebo effect of mental lightness that helps some people relieve pressure from themselves.

2. Experience
The soul and the mental health of a person requires that it has new experiences that could cause chemical imbalances. Machines are efficient because they could handle routines on a daily basis. Machines are predominantly balanced. To be human is to make errors, but it is from these errors that experiences that are memorable and powerful remain with people.

3. Not to Survive, but to Achieve
Philosophically, individuals crave achievement, but some abuse vices along the way when disappointments and failures arrive. Having a vice once in a while is a good thing, but retaining a body health enough to help the body survive the process of achievement is more important. People who focus on their health intend only to survive, but never to achieve, and vices can help achieve as mistakes help develop ideas.