Despite the claims of anybody that they can live alone, nobody can ever survive alone. A hermit only stays away from the system and the people who they find toxic and destabilising, but without the same people, there will be no need for hermitage. The only way to be at peace with yourself and other people is identifying yourself with the right person or people to surround you.

1. Tolerance
Assess your tolerance and the tolerance of the people around you. If you know yourself well enough, especially your strengths and weaknesses, you could know which people can handle your problematic attitudes and which ones are likely not to keep up. Do yourself and other people a favour by also assessing your tolerance for the people you are working with, or are with.

2. Necessity
People are usually at company with another person because they need something from them, and this is the reality of it despite common denial. Identify why the person is necessary in your life. It could be for many reasons, such as in a relationship, a boyfriend or girlfriend is the proof that you could love someone and you could be loved. In business, an investor’s good company is a bonus to the benefits they bring to your business, or the account that you are handling.

3. Connection
Lastly, you know that you are with the right people if you have a good connection with them. Seeking this good connection is more than just saying something and they understand your point. If it comes to a level that you do not have to speak anything, then the connection you have with such people is timeless and lasting.