In a typical work setting, you workmates make up most of the professional environment. You will need to work with them to achieve objectives and they will talk about your performance during these collaborations. Other people will think of highly or lowly depending on your lifestyle and the choices that you make. Despite avoiding making any judgements, people will always typecast you.


However, you do not really have to mind what other people think of you. People, including your family and friends, only know so much about you. Even your confidant could only know what you tell them. You know more about yourself, your traits, experiences and learnings.

Other people can classify or typecast you, but if you are yourself and you are honest with your actions and words, you will never need to worry about what they say. If you know what you want and what you need and you accept everything that you have done and live with it as a part of you, then you are a real person.

It is highly important that you understand yourself first by meditation and assessing your previous actions and what motivated you to do such things. When you understand your motivation, you understand more your thought processes, which will help you attain a peace of mind for yourself.