Worrying and anxiety are the root causes of stress. Worrying if your report will be alright the following day or thinking about your significant other while he or she is far away will bug you throughout the night having you lack important sleeping time. To stop worrying, here are a few things you could do.

1. Acceptance
If you are worried about a report the next day, accept the fact that you have done everything you can to ensure your report is successful. Acceptance is only attainable if you gave everything you could for a task that is very important or valuable for you.

2. Things Will Always Happen
Accepting the fact that something can go wrong the following day will help you stop worrying and instead come up with an alternative plan to ease your worries should anything happen. Everything has the slightest chance of happening even if everything seems perfect and a back-up plan will take some time, but it will grant you the relaxation and focus you need.

3. Trust
If you are worried about one member of your group or your significant other not fulfilling their own end of the burden, avoid thinking despite their tendencies and trust them. You do not need to blame yourself if they do something wrong because it is they who failed on their part, not you.