You might tell yourself that you need more rest because you take on five days and eight hours of work for the rest of the year. Aside from such, you spend an hour or more traveling to work, defying traffic. You know you get a well-deserved rest because you have struggled enough during the day to think about anything in the evening.

Relaxation is highly important to help your body and mind recover soundly from the battering day and ensure you have a fresh start during the morning. But imagine that you are only feeling refreshed for the rest of your days. You only wake up and do nothing for the rest of the day and then sleep.

A daily struggle is similar to a daily distraction that you would prefer doing rather than do your work. Everyone is looking for a distraction, something to occupy the time. You feel stressed in work because these are things that you might think are not worth doing but is needed. However, both will stress you out.

There is a need for struggle. Life is not just about relaxation. Relaxation and recreation becomes a worthy activity when you recognize you are bottled up with stress. You only recognize the worth of things when they are absent.

To make your rest and relaxing vacation, activity or anything that will help clear your mind the best it can be, allow yourself to do the opposite for the greater amount of time. Recognizing the need for struggle actually helps you have an immediate, relaxing notion about life.