It is true that when you are stressed, eating can relieve you of your problems. Eating the right type of food will enhance the production of chemicals responsible for relaxing your mind and body. Here is a list of those kinds of comfort food.

1. Skim Milk
Calcium-rich milk has its own calming effect. The protein tryptophan creates serotonin that synthesizes proteins in your body and produces nerve cells that induce relaxation and sleep.

2. Oatmeal
High-fibre oatmeals help prolong serotonin levels in your body. Oatmeal also helps process the tryptophan you could get from skim milk and other protein sources. As a bonus, if you intend on working out to help yourself relax better, oatmeal also helps in building muscle.

3. Nuts
Selenium found in almonds and other kinds of nuts is important to alleviate depression. When a person lacks selenium, he or she could fall easy to fatigue, depression and worry. Selenium in nuts will also help you low blood pressure.

4. Salmon
In addition to high protein content, salmon is also a source of Omega-3 fatty acids. It increases serotonin and prevent the creation of too much adrenaline and cortison, which ignites anxiety and worry. Salmon’s high protein content also helps in building your muscles and omega-3 also helps your heart remain healthy.

Worrying and anxiousness is the root cause of stress and high levels of anxiety could raise heart rates and increase muscle tension, which is unhealthy. Many researches already proved music’s effectiveness in relaxing people and stimulating the brain. Here are a few ways music helps you avoid worrying.

1. Harmonious
Harmonious music that is pleasing and at an adequate energy to the ears helps a listener relax and the body responds by focusing only on the music. Too energetic music genres could disrupt the thought process of a listener. A harmonious piece of music helps in relaxing the mind and focusing on the sounds entering the ears.

2. Dimension
Music’s space in between, especially for professionally-mixed and mastered tracks, could be discerned effectively by the listener. The wider the dimension of the genre, the more the mind simulates the way sound travels in an actual room. A better music reproduction system could actually help in your efforts to relax.

3. Lyrical Content
If the genre has lyrical content, a note of positivity could greatly help in relaxation. The vocal quality of the music is very important; a too energetic or high-pitched voice could disrupt the relaxation process, wheras most baritone singers could effectively relax many listeners.