Relaxation is something that is somewhat earned; it is faster to sleep when you’re tired or when you’ve accomplished something during the day. A direct link between physical exercise and sleeping exists. Whether you’re doing cardiovascular exercise or actual lifting and resistance training, you’ll find it easier to sleep.

Cardiovascular exercise helps the heart become healthier by pumping blood faster. It helps you have more strength and stamina for physical activities and reduces your blood sugar. Sugar is a stimulant that could easily raise your energy levels highly and leave you strength less later in the day.  If you consume all the sugar energy in your body, your body gains better rest.

Faster blood pumping in your body means your heart is craving its dose of sleep later in the night. The heart pumps blood slower during the evening while it repairs your body’s damaged cells or improves them. With better strength, the heart can regulate itself for sleeping faster as well.

Tiredness also gives you more reason not to think about anything since the brain loses strength through exercise. Exercise also helps release endorphins in your body, which help you feel good and relax you even better as you sleep.