People want to get out of stress, but because of its consistence, people find themselves stressed even when they try to relax. Here are a few exercises that could help stressed people find their comfort zone on a daily basis.

1. Before Bedtime or Work Break
If you’re about to sleep, try to lay yourself in a bed or somewhere comfortable to sit up straight, such as an easy chair. Listen to soothing music, such as instrumental jazz music, or wear some earplugs. Tighten the muscles from your face first, then relax them, for five times. Do this on every major muscle group in your body, including your neck, your shoulders, your arms, your upper back, your torso, your legs and feet.

2. Pressure
Once again relax yourself in the same method as described in the first exercise, then from your feet going upward, concentrate on making parts of your body heavy by imagining blood rushing to such areas. Imagine your blood rushing to your legs and allow them to feel heavier and heavier. Allow them to hang loose and do not move them. You will actually feel blood rush through them. Do this exercise for every major muscle group in your body. Imagine a cool breeze blowing across your forehead and through your air.

3. Throwing Out the Garbage
Slowly breath heavily and relax yourself. Only think about good things, positive thoughts that get you thrugh each day. Exhale and imagine all your bad thoughts and negative ideas. Repeat the process and let your mind wander.