In any motor accident or road traffic accident claim, even with all the evidences and witness statements you have during a court process, it is very difficult to prove your offender’s liability. In a motorcycle accident claim, it is clear that the motorcycle is the faster vehicle, but it also puts the driver in graver dangers than a car owner during an accident. Here are tips to ensure that you could prove your offender’s guilt quickly.


1. Common Sense
Car and motorcycle drivers know when a driving error or error of judgment while driving had occurred to another driver. This particular common sense applies when accusing who bears the burden of guilt in the road accident compensation claim. However, it would still be wise to have authorities investigate the entire situation to determine the particular driving error themselves.

2. Highway Code
Each driver bears responsibility in using the UK’s public highways. The highway code dictates the responsibility of each driver for the safety of the other drivers. An offender is somebody who committed the first act of highway code violation that led to the victim’s accident and injuries.

3. Evidence
A victim should admit themselves to a hospital right after their motorcycle accident. A medical professional can study the victim’s injuries and indicate the kind of medical treatment needed and a prognosis on the possible recovery time and lost wages of the victim. Aside from the medical report, victims can present authorized investigation results and road traffic camera footages that show their accident if they filed a police report.